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Don't think you can only receive new siding when you work with us. We also will repair and install shutters, trim, overhangs, soffit, fascia, and eaves. The entire outside of your home will look better than ever when we get finished with our work!


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Your home will fit your style

When you work with Stallion Home Improvement, you can guarantee that your home will look its best. With us you can not only buy new siding, but get it installed by quality professionals as well.

Your home will fit your unique style when you choose from our variety of siding options. You can choose from Victorian or vertical siding. Also, choose between cedar and nailite shakes.

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Choose your material

You can pick from a variety of siding materials to best fit your style and the look of your home. Choose from vinyl, aluminum, wood, steel, and woodgrain siding. All of these materials are high quality and look great!

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